TORY® shelf

fully automated shelf scanning

TORY®  shelf recognizes gaps in shelves, misplacements, product locations and barcodes.

TORY Shelf ist ein autonomer mobiler Service-Roboter für die bildbasierte Bestandserfassung in Supermärkten und SB-Warenhäusern.

Fully automated shelf scanning during opening hours

For your inventory management: TORY® shelf  independently and regularly produces high-resolution images of entire rows of shelves in supermarkets and hypermarkets. A subsequent image analysis determines shelf gaps and misplacements.

With multiple scans per day, gaps in the shelves are quickly detected, so that refills can be made immediately.

This robot can also use RFID – it uses its antennas to record RFID-tagged items in your ERP system.

TORY moves completely safely and autonomously, even during opening hours and in very large environments. It localizes itself on a map which the robot quickly creates during the set-up. If the store layout changes, TORY updates its map.

TORY transfers data quickly and securely to the cloud via WiFi or LTE. If bandwidth is low, the AI robot can also process it directly with additional GPUs.

Reliable quality made in Germany

At MetraLabs, we design and manufacture our robots to the highest quality standards. The safety functions of our navigation software have been certified by the German safety agency TÜV Thuringia according to EC guidelines. TORY® shelf  is already in use in various European countries.

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TORY® shelf – Fully automated shelf scanning