Guide and entertainer

SCITOS® A5  is a multifunctional and interactive robot, developed by MetraLabs for interaction with humans, guiding them to articles and exhibits. Additionally, it has a 360° camera. The panorama view ensures a permanent surveillance of the environment.

SCITOS A5 führt als interaktiver Roboter die Besucher durch Geschäfte, Austellungen und Museen und bietet zusätzlich noch eine Menge Unterhaltung.

Easy to set up

SCITOS® A5 drives autonomously towards people. It communicates using speech synthesis, head movements and a touch display. It avoids obstacles and is programmed to be familiar with the given building’s environment. There is no need for additional sensors or marks. SCITOS® A5 gets to know his environment by doing.

Effective in advertising

SCITOS® A5 can be designed in accordance with your corporate design. In addition to guiding people, as an interactive robot it also has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment. Thus, he inspires your customers as well as visitors of all ages and increases the media attention.

More information

Multifunctional mobile service robot for interaction and communication


“For two years now, two SCITOS A5 robots have been in operation, each at one floor of our permanent exhibition, 6 days a week. At the push of a button they guide visitors to certain exhibits and give audible explanations. Children enjoy hide-and-seek and puzzle games with the robots. I am very content with the reliability of the robots and with the quality of the MetraLabs-Service. The ongoing interest of the visitors and the strong presence of both robots in the media have justified the purchase of the SCITOS robots, definitely.”

Dr. Stefan Stein
Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum

SCITOS® A5 - Versatile

SCITOS A5 can entertain and guide visitors and customers in any place.

Examples of use

  • Museum robot TIM guides visitors of the Deutsche Technikmuseum in Berlin through the exhibition.
  • PETER & PETRA guide visitors of the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum through two permanent exhibitions. They give explanations about the exhibits and play hide-or-seek or quiz games with kids.

SCITOS® A5  in operation