Mobile service robots

in libraries

Reduce the effort for inventory to a minimum. Our mobile service robots take the book stock automatically, detect sorting errors and help users look for books. This will decrease the workload for staff members and increase the service quality. Our robots have been successfully tested already for use in libraries.

Taking stock

RFID inventory robots such as TORY by MetraLabs scan several thousand UHF-RFID transponders in one hour. The read accuracy is about 99%. This reduces substantially the effort for the very time-consuming and personell-intensive inventories in libraries. You will always know the actual book stock.

correctly sorted

Users particularly are annoyed about missing or misplaced books. Long searches block even more capacity of staff. RFID inventory robots such as TORY by MetraLabs recognize sorting errors without difficulty.

Improve service

Modern librarians are managers of information and knowledge. RFID inventory robots such as TORY by MetraLabs decrease the workload for librarians by guiding users to the books they are looking for. The service in libraries will be improved and service capacity will be increased substantially.

Successful test run

The Library of the Max-Planck-Institute in Luxembourg tested the RFID inventory robot TORY at the “Innovation in Libraries” conference in October 2016. In just one hour TORY took stock of 35,000 books. The read accuracy was above 99%. The result exceeded all expectations of the MPI Library.

Suitable Products

Automated inventory taker

takes stock via RFID – fully automatically and efficient. TORY is characterized by secure and autonomous navigation. RFID technology makes the robots in libraries a real relief for your staff.

TORY® shelf
Automated shelf scanning

For your inventory management:

TORY® shelf independently and regularly produces high-resolution images of entire rows of shelves in supermarkets and hypermarkets. A subsequent image analysis determines shelf gaps and misplacements.

Guide and entertainer

SCITOS® A5 provides information and entertains in a unique manner. As a guide it is highly versatile.