Mobile service robots

in industry

Optimize your production – industry 4.0: MetraLabs’ mobile robot platforms open up favorable and flexible alternatives for regular transport, handling and diagnostics tasks for you. Thanks to autonomous navigation and high agility, our robots work with humans without difficulty, even in a confined space.

Optimizing processes

We develop mobile robot platforms that increase productivity and reduce operating costs. MetraLabs’ trademark represents high agility and flexibility. Our robots navigate autonomously and safely even in a dynamic environment. They are able to operate even where humans and machines have to work together.

Realizing Industry 4.0

MetraLabs robots capture data digitally and autonomously. Hence, internal processes can be controlled and industry 4.0 can be achieved within your company. We support you with our expertise and robot technologies to plan your innovation projects in the field of industry 4.0.

Automation of intralogistics - advantages at a glance

Process monitoring round-the-clock

MetraLabs robots can operate around the clock.

Autonomous & flexible transport

MetraLabs robots transport components and assemblies fast and autonomously to the right place.

Autonomous asset inventory

MetraLabs robots take stock of machines and equipment at any given moment.


The number of AMRs is easily adjustable - you can expand your fleet at any time.

Automated material handling

Suitable products

Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

CARY® sets new standards for your material transport. Transport loaded dollies, single small load carriers or other load flexibly, safely and completely autonomously through your factory.

Versatile and reliable carrier

SCITOS® X3  is a mobile transport robot. Purpose-built for narrow passages and universal tasks. By attachments, it can be adapted to your needs.