More than 20 years of experience

robots that inspire

We build robots that inspire. For more than 20 years, we have been developing mobile service robots for different applications all over the world.
Our strength lies in autonomous navigation. From narrow passages to dynamic environments – our robots know the way.

We at MetraLabs are specialists in mobile service robotics with long-term experience. In 2007 we launched the first interactive shopping robot in the world, which was granted the Thuringian Research Award.

Since then we have deployed over 700 mobile service robots for various applications worldwide. Collectively they have accumulated more than 400,000 km of driving experience.

robots deployed worldwide
More than 350

Our vision

We strive for a future where mobile robots and humans share workspace harmoniously and efficiently.

our mission

We develop flexible, safe and user-friendly mobile service robots for business clients. Wherever there is a need for reducing the workload of staff, optimizing processes or inspiring people, our robots are deployed.

Technology made in Germany

We develop and build our robots in-house at our head office in Ilmenau (Thuringia). Our team consists of more than 60 employees, including experienced engineers and IT specialists.The key to the effectiveness of our robots is our in-house-developed navigation software. Our robots utilize this navigation software to orient themselves in dynamic environments.

Proven Quality

We guarentee the safety of staff members and customers who interact with our robots. The German technical inspection association TÜV Thüringen has tested the safety functions according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Appendix IV, No. 21 and have certified an EU technical release certificate. It certifies that our robots will stop safely in case of any and all oncoming collisions.TÜV Certificate for the management system [DOWNLOAD]


Personal support for your project.

We offer you a personal contact who will assist you from conception to proof of concept up to rollout. Let us develop your robot to your specifications.