Mobile service robots

in exhibitions & museums

Inspire your customers with innovative concepts and modern technologies. Our mobile service robots offer both information and entertainment. They welcome visitors and guide them through the exhibition with humor and charm. Our robots are crowd-pleaser!

Exciting visitors

It is possible to combine innovative concepts for museums with entertainment provided by modern technology. MetraLabs drafts and develops mobile service robots especially for museums and exhibitions as interactive guides and suppliers of knowledge. The robots welcome the visitors, guide them through the exhibitions and explain the meaning of the exhibits in a comprehensive and entertaining way.

Receiving attention

As we know from experience, our robots attract high attention and are ideal for promotional purposes. They are loved everywhere. Our robots offer hide-and-seek and quiz games especially for kids to guide them through the exhibition by playing. There are no limits for inspiration. The enthusiasm knows no bounds!

Use our experience

MetraLabs has many years of experience in the museum sector. Two of our robots are deployed at the world’s biggest museums for computers, the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum Paderborn. Their names are PETER and PETRA and they have been in use for the permanent exhibition “Artificial intelligence and robotic” since 2013. The two visitor guides have been supported by PAUL since 2023.

Our robot TIM has found a home at Deutsches Technikmuseum in Berlin. Since 2015, TIM has been a guide of the permanent exhibition “The web. Humans, cables, data streams”.

Suitable Products

Guide and Entertainer

provides information and entertains in a unique manner. As a guide it is highly versatile.

Customized solutions

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