Mobile service robots

in retail

Have a fully automated inventory and detect empty shelf space automatically. Surprise, entertain and inform your customers in unique ways. Our mobile and interactive robots are operating all around the world.

Optimizing inventory

Inventories cost a lot of time and require a lot of staff. The mobile service robots TORY and TORY to go by MetraLabs make it possible to take stock around the clock, frequently and automatically. The reading accuracy is 10 times that of a manual inventory.

Improving security

Shoplifters cause damages worth billions every year. Mobile robots support surveillance. They serve as mobile cameras and provide a better overview. The robots deliver images from different perspectives and send them to a control center. Remote control is possible, too. All of this improves security substantially and reduces damages.

Shopping becomes an adventure

Competing with the online business, retail can satisfy customers with individual advice and products they can touch. The use of mobile service robots for selling increases the entertainment value. Our robots guide customers to products and interact with them. The result is a modern, customer-oriented image. Thus, shopping becomes an adventure!

Out of stock detection

Missing goods cause loss in sales. The inventory robot TORY by MetraLabs optimizes the availability of goods. TORY captures the actual stocks and feeds data to your merchandise management system, enabling you to reorder just in time.

Insights into the retail sector

We know the latest trends in retail and actively co-create the future of robots with the people running the floor. Since 2017, MetraLabs has been partner of the EHI Robotics4Retail initiative. It is a platform for providers, developers and users of robots in retail to exchange knowledge and to evaluate new applications in retail.

Would you like to take stock automatically, improve security or provide your customers with a special shopping experience? We develop suitable solutions with you to ensure that we fit the needs of your robot. A range of clients, who already use our robots:

Suitable Products

Automated RFID inventory

TORY® RFID  takes stock via RFID – fully automatically and efficient. TORY is characterized by secure and autonomous navigation.

TORY® shelf
Automated shelf scanning

For your inventory management: TORY® shelf  independently and regularly produces high-resolution images of entire rows of shelves in supermarkets and hypermarkets. A subsequent image analysis determines shelf gaps and misplacements.

Guide and entertainer

SCITOS® A5  provides information and entertains in a unique manner. As a guide it is highly versatile.