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Our robot platforms, manufactured in Thuringia, are universally applicable and customizable. MetraLabs develops and produces autonomous mobile robots (AMR) for transport, inventory and further tasks. We are pioneers in service robotics with over 20 years of experience.


RFID inventory for small stores

automated material handling

autonomous inventory

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Welcoming and guiding visitors

Our robots as research platforms

experience in mobile robotics
0 + years
500 +
autonomously driven
100000 + km

Human & machine - working safely together

Our products’ safety is precious to us – our navigation software’s safety functions are certified by TÜV Thüringia according to EC guidelines. AMRs by MetraLabs are safely usable in environments with human workers. The robots take over manual operations and routes to help your employees to focus on relevant tasks and the core of their work.

Autonomous navigation by MetraLabs

Thanks to our self-developed navigation software, our robots are equipped with an autonomous path management system. No predetermined paths, guidance systems, magnetic- or other guidance-stripes are required. Our systems are able to navigate in dynamic environments and to bypass obstacles.

On the road as fleet

The robots by MetraLabs can navigate and interact as a fleet without a central control computer. This enables, among other things, the distribution of transport tasks between the vehicles.

From idea to implementation - comprehensively supported


Individual consultation about deploying mobile robots in your company. Demonstration of a robot on site.


Temporary use of a robot, customization of the applications to your needs, on-site debugging under real conditions.


Adaptation of an existing robot or development and construction of a new robot. Development of the application software.


The robots will be commissioned on-site at your location, including delivery, map acquisition, setting of starting and destination points, permitted areas, operating schedules, conveyance and training


Personal contacts, remote administration, software updates, service tickets, on site servicing.