We develop professional mobile service robots.

For success-oriented decision makers in retail, exhibitions, industry and academia.

WeRobots shopping robot
shopping robot - Real futurestore
shopping robot - Real futurestore
KFC tablet robot
TORY inventory and RFID robot

Perform fully autonomous inventory or detect empty shelf space automatically. Surprise, entertain and inform your customers in unique ways. Our mobile and interactive robots are already operating all around the world.

Streamline your manufacturing. Our mobile robot platforms offer a cheap and flexible alternative to established transport, handling and diagnosis tasks.

Get a head start with professional hardware: Universally deployable mobile robot platforms that make visions become reality. Extend them with matching robotic arms, sensors, touch screens and much more.

robots that inspire.

We build robots that inspire. Be it the way they interact as only mobile robots can, or the way they tirelessly drive mile after mile day after day. We aspire to create robust applications by combining state of the art research with established industrial technologies in standardised processes.

From idea to implementation – great support all along the way

We develop bespoke solutions in close cooperation with our customers.

  • Contact

    Individual consultation about deploying mobile robots in your company. Demonstration of a robot on site.

  • Development

    Adaptation or bespoke development and manufacturing of the robot. Development of the application software.

  • Deployment

    Robots are deployed on site: Delivery, mapping, determination of goal points, operational areas and working times, handover and instruction.

  • Support

    Personal contacts, remote administration, software updates, service tickets, on site servicing.

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