Inventory robot rollout in textile retail: ADLER fashion stores

40 fashion stores will be equipped with inventory robot “TORY” until August 2019. At night, TORY automatically records the inventory in the warehouse and the sales areas of the ADLER stores. Read the Success Story here!

MetraLabs-Roboter TORY im Adler Modemarkt
Inventur-Roboter TORY im Adler Modehaus

Rollout – Step by step explained

  • Preparation

    Our customers prepare the place for the charging station, if necessary, a socket with continuous current. And of course, the burglar alarm system must be informed about the work of the robot.

  • SetUp

    We deliver the robot directly to you. Set it up, plug in the charging station and set up the connection for data exchange and remote access.

  • Mapping

    On a first run, the robot learns about its surroundings and the entire shop floor so that it can later move autonomously. We are here and can intervene in case of any errors.

  • Test

    Then we accompany the first test drive and check whether everything works correctly.

  • Handover

    After a successful performance of the test, we will hand over the "keys" to the robot to you. Each new installation contains additional support hours for possible problems and an emergency hotline for the first 3 months.

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Adler fashion stores – customer feedback

Our mobile robots

  • TORY RFID Automated inventory taker

    TORY takes stock via RFID – fully automatically and efficient. TORY is characterized by secure and autonomous navigation.

  • TORY to go Manual RFID inventory

    TORY to go is manually operated. While operating, TORY to go takes stock with great accuracy. TORY to go is very well suited to shops with small spaces

  • SCITOS X3 Versatile and reliable carrier

    SCITOS X3 is a mobile transport robot. Purpose-built for narrow passages and flexible transportation tasks.

  • SCITOS G5 All-round talent

    SCITOS G5 is an all-purpose mobile base. Easily and simply configurable thanks to its modular construction.

  • TORY shelf Automated shelf scanning

    For your inventory management: TORY shelf independently and regularly produces high-resolution images of entire rows of shelves in supermarkets and hypermarkets. A subsequent image analysis determines shelf gaps and misplacements.

  • SCITOS A5 Guide and Entertainer

    SCITOS A5 provides information and entertains in a unique manner. As a guide SCITOS A5 is highly versatile.

  • Professional Hardware
    Professional Hardware Expand as you desire

    We have the solutions that enable you to configure the robots to your needs: sensors, robot arms, touch displays, battery stations, navigation software, MIRA framework and more.

  • Your desired application Custom-made solutions

    Do you have special requirements for your robot? We will suit your needs. Get a consultation and start your project.

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