Berlin / Ilmenau, 8th November, 2016. The mobile service robot Tim will lead visitors of the German Technical Museum (Deutsches Technikmuseum) in Berlin from November 9th, 2016, independently through the exhibition “The Net. People, Cables, Data streams “. Visitors can select from a total of 12 stations on the touch screen. When Tim arrives at an object he explains the meaning and function of the exhibits in German or English. Tim is 1.50 meters high, weighs 75 kilograms and works with one battery charge the whole museum day. The robot automatically drives to the charging station in the evening.


Under the hood of Tim hides an SCITOS A5. This mobile service robot model, developed by MetraLabs GmbH in Thuringia, was designed specifically for interaction with people as well as for as a guide to products. The robot can communicate autonomously via voice output, head movements and the touch screen. Ultrasonic, laser and touch sensors are used for orientation and detection of obstacles. Markings in the museum are not required. SCITOS A5 can find its way autonomously, as the museum floor plan is measured and stored beforehand in the robots memory


The SCITOS A5 model is already used in several museums as well as in retail stores. In addition, MetraLabs provides service robots for different uses for retail, industry and research. As a new successful product, MetraLabs introduced TORY. TORY is a permanently installed RFID inventory robot in the retail trade, which independently and quickly records and locates stock in sales and storage areas via RFID. Among others, the robot has been running since December 2015 in the ADLER-Modemarkt in Erfurt.


MetraLabs GmbH develops and distributes autonomous mobile service robots, which are suitable for the interaction with humans. The company specializes in service robots for retail, industry and research, providing comprehensive solutions from design and development to installation and maintenance. In 2007, MetraLabs launched the world’s first interactive shopping robot. Since then, over 200 robots have been installed in various applications worldwide, which now have more than 60,000 km of driving experience.

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