Textile retail: ADLER fashion stores

Since December 2015, TORY has been permanently deployed at ADLER Modemärkte AG, Germany. TORY is the first permanently installed RFID robot worldwide. Every night, TORY automatically takes stock in the ADLER warehouses as well as on the sales floors. ADLER receives up-to-date information on inventory and can correct false stock level data. By deploying TORY, ADLER has improved their product availability and optimized their ordering processes. Within a year, TORY enabled ADLER Modemärkte AG to achieve their goal of optimizing the inventory process.

Customer references

  • For two years now, two SCITOS A5 robots have been in operation, each at one floor of our permanent exhibition, 6 days a week. At the push of a button they guide visitors to certain exhibits and give audible explanations. Children enjoy hide-and-seek and puzzle games with the robots. I am very content with the reliability of the robots and with the quality of the MetraLabs-Service. The ongoing interest of the visitors and the strong presence of both robots in the media have justified the purchase of the SCITOS robots, definitely.

    Dr. Stefan Stein Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum
  • The SCITOS robot turned out to be a robust and reliable, universal research platform, which can be used continuously hundreds of hours and kilometers for autonomous driving. MetraLabs provided us with excellent technical support and software updates throughout our entire, demanding project.

    Nick Hawes, Coordinator of the STRANDS Project School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham
  • Fabmatis uses the autonomous navigation systems of MetraLabs exclusively in the semiconductor industry. Our clients benefit from the autonomy and high flexibility of the systems as well as from the long-term and trusting cooperation with MetraLabs.

    Dr. Karli Hantzschmann Department Manager Project Management, Fabmatics GmbH
  • TORY has proven its reliability and commercial viability in an initial test phase covering five ADLER stores over the past three years.

    Carmine Petraglia Chief Commercial Officer at Adler Modemärkte AG

Our mobile robots

  • STERYBOT. UV-C Disinfection robot

    STERYBOT: Automate the disinfection of rooms using germicidal UV-C light. Launched via app, viruses and bacteria are eliminated in a few minutes.

  • TORY shelf Automated shelf scanning

    For your inventory management: TORY shelf independently and regularly produces high-resolution images of entire rows of shelves in supermarkets and hypermarkets. A subsequent image analysis determines shelf gaps and misplacements.

  • CARY Driverless transport system

    CARY sets new standards for your material transport. Transport loaded floor rollers flexibly, safely and completely autonomously through your factory.

  • TORY RFID Automated inventory taker

    TORY takes stock via RFID – fully automatically and efficient. TORY is characterized by secure and autonomous navigation.

  • SCITOS X3 Versatile and reliable carrier

    SCITOS X3 is a mobile transport robot. Purpose-built for narrow passages and flexible transportation tasks.

  • SCITOS G5 All-round talent

    SCITOS G5 is an all-purpose mobile base. Easily and simply configurable thanks to its modular construction.

  • SCITOS A5 Guide and Entertainer

    SCITOS A5 provides information and entertains in a unique manner. As a guide SCITOS A5 is highly versatile.

  • Professional Hardware
    Professional Hardware Expand as you desire

    We have the solutions that enable you to configure the robots to your needs: sensors, robot arms, touch displays, battery stations, navigation software, MIRA framework and more.

  • Your desired application Custom-made solutions

    Do you have special requirements for your robot? We will suit your needs. Get a consultation and start your project.

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