Wipe disinfection – automated and documented

Cleaning and disinfection tasks in buildings have been in focus since the Corona pandemic, as they can help prevent the spread of the virus. However, the tense personnel situation, the high disinfection effort and the regular quality control face cleaning service providers and operators of hospitals and nursing homes with enormous challenges, not only in times of pandemic. DeKonBot provides targeted support by autonomously detecting and disinfecting surfaces such as door handles, light switches or elevator buttons. It then recharges itself and transmits a cleaning protocol via WiFi.

The cleaning process implemented on DeKonBot is based on wipe disinfection, which is already established as a standard in healthcare facilities. With its cleaning brushes, it removes coarse dirt from the surface and simultaneously applies sanitizer. It can be used unattended in public areas.

Easy teach-in and use

To enable autonomous operation an employee must teach DeKonBot once in a new working environment. For this purpose the robot is driven by remote control through the entire environment to be cleaned and automatically creates a map. During the teach-in drive the employee marks the position of the objects to be cleaned by simply moving the robot in front of them.

After the teach-in process autonomous cleaning can begin. The robot independently travels through an area defined by the user. Alternatively so-called routines can be defined in which the robot cleans individual areas at specific times.

High Tech made in Germany

DeKonBot was developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA. The SCITOS X3 platform is used as the basis for the robot.

  • automated wipe disinfection with constant quality
  • documented cleaning results
  • can be used unattended in public areas

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DeKonBot – autonomous disinfection robot

DeKonBot in operation

© Fraunhofer IPA/Foto: Rainer Bez

Press release of Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA: “Researchers at Fraunhofer develop a new robot for wipe disinfection of surfaces” > visit website

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